Tales from the Fallen Gate

Rumors of an Ancient Song
Kishar's Day, 30 Adar, 2213 AR

He slipped away from his companion easily, leaving a note that he could only sigh and hope that someone among his companions would be able to decipher. Perhaps the golden-haired woman.

The men were after him, and he knew why. They were surely servants of his old mistress, Imaelaree. The archmage had been tracking his progress though sorcery since he and his strapping Dhari friend had escaped Imystrahl. She knew where they were, what they had been doing. And now, she sent her men to bring Vall to heel.

Her servants seeking him out in human lands could only mean one thing. The archmage Imaelaree had business for Vall. And he would not be able to escape it for long.

“Better to meet this head on,” Vall sighed softly as he walked down the streets of Quodeth, seeking his seekers.

A Gift Fit for a Queen
Kishar's Day, 30 Adar, 2213 AR

Upon the adventurers’ return to civilization, they purchased horses and equipment during their stay at Castle Imiri. After learning of a sickness within a little girl, Amaria healed the child and learned that a group of men were in town seeking an Elf. The band decided to travel with haste and in smaller groups to Quodeth.

Upon arriving in Quodeth, Kimber and Amaria headed straight for the Sapphire Palace to meet with their patron, Queen Deyane. There, Amaria gave the Dark Eye to the Queen and secured her patronage for further adventures. The Queen asked to hear all about their adventures so far soon, and the two women’s friendship grew closer.

Now, the adventurers were also curious as to a name they had heard upon the lips of the mercenaries Zumar the Quick had brought into their jungle camp after exploring Yoon-Sin’s ancient quarters… “Notho”. From what they had already heard, the name was attached to a powerful member of the Dyer’s Guild. They had to learn more, in order to know their new-found enemy.

The Tower's Treasures
Asura's Day, 27 Adar, 2213 AR

The adventurers found the ancient manse of Yoon-Sin, and proceeded to explore what lie within.

The long-dead guarded the treasures within the manse beyond its barred and locked door. They were laying in wait below the manse, in the wizard’s dungeon. The group was pressed to dispose of the creatures before they could relieve the manse of its treasures.

But before they could make their way back to Quodeth victorious, with their prizes in hand, the group learned that they were betrayed. Zumar had made a deal with someone named “Notho” to dispose of them and bring back the Dark Eye. To this end, a band of mercenaries had tracked the party to the ruin, and this band ambused them in the early hours of the morning as the group was preparing to break camp.

The battle was fierce, for the mercenaries were skilled and hardened warriors. If it were not for Amaria’s quick thinking and the vines she summoned to entangle the group, the mercenaries might have won. But as it was, Sorn, Kimber, and Vall were seriously injured in the fighting.

Dar gave the group pause to continue the battle, quickly voicing a call to escape. They leapt from the rocky escarpment that was their campsite, and fell into a pool formed by a waterfall running beside the camp. Fleeing into the morning hours and running well into the night, the adventurers found a hidden grotto in the jungle. There, they rested and sought to form a new plan.

Dar had escaped with the Dark Eye in his pouch. They had little by way of gear, having left most of it at their encampment when they fled. Zumar and the mercenaries would certainly give chase. And the only light of civilization that shone for many miles around them was Quodeth

The Guardian of the Bridge

While crossing a rope bridge across a perilous ravine, a Winged Ape rose from the depths to steal Lu from her horse. The creature sought to bring the golden-haired beauty to its lair for whatever fell purposes upon its bestial mind, but Amaria had other ideas. She led Dar, Vall, and Kimber down into the ravine and inside of the beast’s lair to hunt it down. Sorn and Var stayed above to watch over the mules, and Zumar was nowhere to be found.

The four fought a desperate battle inside the cave against the hideous ape, and Zumar reappeared from the shadows to add his licks in against it as Kimber howled with a bestial rage that equaled the ape’s cries, Dar struck out at it, and Vall singed it with fiery bolts. Amaria sought to heal Dar and Kimber as the ape’s blows struck against them, then joined in the fray herself with her staff.

Dar struck the beast a fatal blow, and it fell towards him. His sword and his feet raised up under its chin were all that kept it from collapsing atop him. Kimber and Vall moved to aid Dar, while Zumar headed towards the fallen Lu. Amaria noted his interest swaying from the golden-haired priestess to something else in the nick of time.

While Dar and Kimber hefted the winged ape’s corpse to drop it into the ravine, Vall and Amaria helped Lu climb up away from the cave. Zumar counted out their newfound treasures, among which Amaria discovered a magical pearl and a magical axe. They moved their treasures from the cave to the bridge above, and then made for shelter from the night.

Wolf Kills Cat

While on the trail, the group found itself under attack by two hungry saber-toothed cats. Amaria tried to talk the cats into a peaceful parting of ways, attempting to convince them the group was not food. In the end, Kimber nearly beheaded one of the two cats, causing the second to slink off into the jungle without continuing its attack.

There was only a few hours left to travel before they reached the ruins, according to Zumar. And Amaria was worried that the continuous rainfall would end up flooding any campsite they made. So the group forged on despite their wounds and the tiredness in their bones…

The Ancient Road
Mithra's Day, 25 Adar, 2213 AR

It was early in the day when Amaria and her companions crossed the small jungle river. Beyond it lie a strange sight—the remains of an ancient road, the broken flagstones barely visible under the jungle foliage. No sooner had the band crossed the river than cries rang out from the dense foliage.

From the jungle, wild savages hurled themselves at the band. There were at least a dozen of the attackers! Their skin was a strange, ashen grey and covered with scars and tattoos in alien patterns where their thick black hair did not sprout in tufts.

The light rain drizzled down over the scene, and a fog rose from the jungle floor leaving mist hanging in the air…

Leaving Quodeth
Kishar's Day, 22 Adar, 2213 AR

Amaria’s group left Quodeth in the daylight hours, for the night belonged to Set. The rescue of Sorn had angered the priests of the temple of Set, and Zumar had called them together to meet at the Fallen Gate and plan their escape from the city. They were hard-pressed to buy supplies for their trip into the Pumaal Jungles, so Zumar suggested they separate to draw off pursuit, and meet on the road to Castle Imri to do so.

The castle was a day away from Quodeth, and there they could purchase supplies and perhaps find more sword-arms for their dangerous journey ahead…

Sweet, Sweet Wine
Ishtar's Day, 19 Adar, 2213 AR

Daoth Strind has agreed to hire on Amaria and her friends to accompany him on a two-day journey to Taarbo. He seeks to buy more Taarbo Sweet to stock The Burning Brand’s wine cellars.

An Invitation
Mithra's Day, 18 Adar, 2213 AR

It was very early in the morning when Amaria awoke, to perform her morning rituals to the grumbling complaints of Kimber the She-Wolf. As she made her way to the door to head downstairs for breakfast when the sage was burned and the rites of the White Elk were completed, Amaria noticed a strange papyrus envelope with scribblings in indigo ink. The papyrus was scented lightly with something she remembered smelling only a few days ago…

The letter Amaria received was an invitation to take tea with Deyane Verix Hazeda in her Royal Gardens at noon. At first reluctant to meet with the Peacock Queen, Amaria realized upon meeting her that the woman is reaching out to someone she finds interesting and doesn’t meet new people often. The two struck up conversation, and Amaria was asked to tell her story.

Amaria foresaw two branching futures for the Queen. One was an elaborate wedding gown, and the other a dagger lying on a marble floor with blood spreading slowly around it.

Queen Deyane then declared herself Amaria’s patron, and gifted her with gold to fund her upcoming expedition. Upon parting, the Queen called Amaria friend.

The Tower of Yoon-Sin


Among the recent travelers and patrons of The Fallen Gate Tavern, there is a rumor that somewhere in the depths of the Pumaal Jungle lies a tower that once belonged to a sorcerer of some renown.

Known as Yoon-Sin, this sorcerer traveled to Quodeth to deal in the dark trade of curses and spells. It is said that each of his victims paid handsomely to remove the spells he cast upon them during his visits. Yoon-Sin also left something of himself behind, as well—a token of darkness meant to corrupt the owner, with each visit.

It is said that Yoon-Sin was slain by a mighty Nimothan warrior some twenty years ago on his last visit to Quodeth. Yet his tower, and the riches he always brought back from Quodeth with him, were lost to the jungle for all of that time. Until now.

The thief Zumar the Quick claims he has found the tower. Within, he saw all of the riches described by legend and more. Chief among those treasures he claims to have seen was a dark red ruby the size of a man’s fist. Known as the Dark Eye, this fabulous gemstone bears a black flaw within its center.

There are many who want to claim Yoon-Sin’s treasures for their own. And the Dark Eye would be a fortune in its own right. Zumar is now a wanted man, who fears for his life. Yet he is also a clever man, and resourceful. Taking to the streets, one step ahead of his pursuers and always in disguise, it is said Zumar is gathering a band of doughty adventurers to stake his own claim upon the Dark Eye and the treasures of Yoon-Sin.


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