Tales from the Fallen Gate

An Invitation

Mithra's Day, 18 Adar, 2213 AR

It was very early in the morning when Amaria awoke, to perform her morning rituals to the grumbling complaints of Kimber the She-Wolf. As she made her way to the door to head downstairs for breakfast when the sage was burned and the rites of the White Elk were completed, Amaria noticed a strange papyrus envelope with scribblings in indigo ink. The papyrus was scented lightly with something she remembered smelling only a few days ago…

The letter Amaria received was an invitation to take tea with Deyane Verix Hazeda in her Royal Gardens at noon. At first reluctant to meet with the Peacock Queen, Amaria realized upon meeting her that the woman is reaching out to someone she finds interesting and doesn’t meet new people often. The two struck up conversation, and Amaria was asked to tell her story.

Amaria foresaw two branching futures for the Queen. One was an elaborate wedding gown, and the other a dagger lying on a marble floor with blood spreading slowly around it.

Queen Deyane then declared herself Amaria’s patron, and gifted her with gold to fund her upcoming expedition. Upon parting, the Queen called Amaria friend.


Maded Maded

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