Tales from the Fallen Gate

The Guardian of the Bridge

While crossing a rope bridge across a perilous ravine, a Winged Ape rose from the depths to steal Lu from her horse. The creature sought to bring the golden-haired beauty to its lair for whatever fell purposes upon its bestial mind, but Amaria had other ideas. She led Dar, Vall, and Kimber down into the ravine and inside of the beast’s lair to hunt it down. Sorn and Var stayed above to watch over the mules, and Zumar was nowhere to be found.

The four fought a desperate battle inside the cave against the hideous ape, and Zumar reappeared from the shadows to add his licks in against it as Kimber howled with a bestial rage that equaled the ape’s cries, Dar struck out at it, and Vall singed it with fiery bolts. Amaria sought to heal Dar and Kimber as the ape’s blows struck against them, then joined in the fray herself with her staff.

Dar struck the beast a fatal blow, and it fell towards him. His sword and his feet raised up under its chin were all that kept it from collapsing atop him. Kimber and Vall moved to aid Dar, while Zumar headed towards the fallen Lu. Amaria noted his interest swaying from the golden-haired priestess to something else in the nick of time.

While Dar and Kimber hefted the winged ape’s corpse to drop it into the ravine, Vall and Amaria helped Lu climb up away from the cave. Zumar counted out their newfound treasures, among which Amaria discovered a magical pearl and a magical axe. They moved their treasures from the cave to the bridge above, and then made for shelter from the night.


Maded Maded

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