Tales from the Fallen Gate

The Tower of Yoon-Sin


Among the recent travelers and patrons of The Fallen Gate Tavern, there is a rumor that somewhere in the depths of the Pumaal Jungle lies a tower that once belonged to a sorcerer of some renown.

Known as Yoon-Sin, this sorcerer traveled to Quodeth to deal in the dark trade of curses and spells. It is said that each of his victims paid handsomely to remove the spells he cast upon them during his visits. Yoon-Sin also left something of himself behind, as well—a token of darkness meant to corrupt the owner, with each visit.

It is said that Yoon-Sin was slain by a mighty Nimothan warrior some twenty years ago on his last visit to Quodeth. Yet his tower, and the riches he always brought back from Quodeth with him, were lost to the jungle for all of that time. Until now.

The thief Zumar the Quick claims he has found the tower. Within, he saw all of the riches described by legend and more. Chief among those treasures he claims to have seen was a dark red ruby the size of a man’s fist. Known as the Dark Eye, this fabulous gemstone bears a black flaw within its center.

There are many who want to claim Yoon-Sin’s treasures for their own. And the Dark Eye would be a fortune in its own right. Zumar is now a wanted man, who fears for his life. Yet he is also a clever man, and resourceful. Taking to the streets, one step ahead of his pursuers and always in disguise, it is said Zumar is gathering a band of doughty adventurers to stake his own claim upon the Dark Eye and the treasures of Yoon-Sin.


Maded Maded

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