Tales from the Fallen Gate

The Tower's Treasures

Asura's Day, 27 Adar, 2213 AR

The adventurers found the ancient manse of Yoon-Sin, and proceeded to explore what lie within.

The long-dead guarded the treasures within the manse beyond its barred and locked door. They were laying in wait below the manse, in the wizard’s dungeon. The group was pressed to dispose of the creatures before they could relieve the manse of its treasures.

But before they could make their way back to Quodeth victorious, with their prizes in hand, the group learned that they were betrayed. Zumar had made a deal with someone named “Notho” to dispose of them and bring back the Dark Eye. To this end, a band of mercenaries had tracked the party to the ruin, and this band ambused them in the early hours of the morning as the group was preparing to break camp.

The battle was fierce, for the mercenaries were skilled and hardened warriors. If it were not for Amaria’s quick thinking and the vines she summoned to entangle the group, the mercenaries might have won. But as it was, Sorn, Kimber, and Vall were seriously injured in the fighting.

Dar gave the group pause to continue the battle, quickly voicing a call to escape. They leapt from the rocky escarpment that was their campsite, and fell into a pool formed by a waterfall running beside the camp. Fleeing into the morning hours and running well into the night, the adventurers found a hidden grotto in the jungle. There, they rested and sought to form a new plan.

Dar had escaped with the Dark Eye in his pouch. They had little by way of gear, having left most of it at their encampment when they fled. Zumar and the mercenaries would certainly give chase. And the only light of civilization that shone for many miles around them was Quodeth


Maded Maded

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