Deyane Verix Hazeda


The great city of Quodeth is home to greedy merchant lords, corrupt panjandrums, and swaggering thieves, but it is also the seat of Deyane Verix Hazeda, the Queen of the Peacock Throne. She wields little power in her own city, and is little more than a figurehead. However, she stands for something much bigger: the beauty and splendor of Thulean civilization. No other city captures this moment in history or is so inextricably interwoven with the story of Thule as Quodeth, and the Queen of the Peacock Throne is the symbol of the city.

The Queen has little strength to arm legions of champions and few agents to help those who fight in her cause—her aid (or opposition) comes in the form of influence and suggestion. Past monarchs of House Hazeda have been insulated from the everyday business of ruling, but Queen Deyane is quietly working to change that, but she must be careful—more than one Quodethi monarch has become a prisoner in the Sapphire Palace.

As of late, Queen Deyane has taken an interest in the soothsayer Amaria after meeting her at one of the great plays put on monthly at the Spire of Dawn.


Deyane Verix Hazeda

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