Zemar Phaw


Quodeth is home to more wizards than any city other than Thran or perhaps Imystrahl, but that means there are perhaps half a dozen spellcasters known to reside in the city.

Of this handful of rare and mysterious figures, none are so powerful, famous, or widely feared as Zemar Phaw, Prince of Conjurors. His home is the dark edifice known as the Palace of a Thousand Doors, and he seems perfectly content to occupy himself with his studies and summoning so long as he is not disturbed—Zemar Phaw does not tolerate interruptions or thieves.

As far as anyone can tell, Zemar Phaw has lived in Quodeth for at least two hundred years. It is commonly assumed that his sorcery has prolonged his life greatly.

On the rare occasions when the authorities seek his advice and Zemar Phaw chooses to answer, he employs conjurations or sendings to carry his words.


Zemar Phaw

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