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    p=. This is a land of deep jungles and golden seas, mysterious and unexplored. p=. This is a land of knife-edged mountains and deadly glaciers, trackless and forbidding. p=. This is an age when humankind is a young race, newly arisen on an ancient …

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    p=. !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758606/Quodeth.png?1500219624!:https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/quodeth !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758567/Distant_Lands. …

  • Magic


    Magic is something humans were not meant to wield. For all their learning, humans are creatures of the natural world, and magic in any form is essentially unnatural. Mastering magic requires …

  • Languages


    Many languages are spoken on the streets of Quodeth and among the varied cultures of Thule. The known languages are split into three groups: *Common*, *Uncommon*, and *Rare*. *Common* …

  • Factions


    As one might expect in a city of Quodeth’s size, dozens of guilds, noble houses, and secret societies compete for influence. In some cases, it is about pure politics, and the various …

  • Adventures


    h4. *EXPERIENCE* | +*Character*+ |=. +*Lvl*+ |=.+*Experience*+ |=. +*Major MS*+ |=. +*Minor MS*+ | | ? |=. 1 |=. 0 |=. 0 |=. 0 | | ? |=. 1 |=. 0 |=. 0 |=. 0 | | ? |=. 1 |=. 0 |=. 0 …

  • Distant Spheres


    In Thule’s cosmology there are no heavens or hells where souls are given their eternal reward—other worlds can certainly be idyllic or hellish places, but they are every bit as …

  • The Fallen Gate Tavern


    p=. "Map of The Fallen Gate":https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/maps/88638 While merchants and captains from Thulean ports such as Katagia, Orech, or …

  • The Bargemasters


    The Bargemasters are one of Quodeth’s largest trade guilds, consisting of hundreds of barge owners and the crews they command. They control the riverfront and the canals of central …

  • The Dyers' Guild


    The cultivation, weaving, and dying of silk might seem like the most ordinary of trades, but in Quodeth, a vast amount of wealth and influence is tied up in the silk trade. The Dyer …

  • The King of Beggars


    There is no such thing as a Beggar’s Guild, or so the city’s officials say. They are, of course, mistaken. Hundreds upon hundreds of beggars are organized into a wretched, …

  • The Red Furies


    The Red Furies are unique among Quodeth’s thieves for one simple reason: They are all female. No men are permitted to join the guild, and on the rare occasions when males have tried …

  • The Seven Knives


    While each of Quodeth’s thieves’ guilds is powerful in its own territory or sphere of influence, the Seven Knives are the first among equals. They control most of Quodeth’s …

  • The Muggers' Guild


    Most of the thieves’ guilds in Quodeth focus on burglary, extortion, smuggling, and other crimes of property designed to take the money from merchants, nobles, and storeowners. …

  • The Golden Hall of Mithra


    The Golden Hall is Quodeth’s grand temple to [[Mithra | Mithra]], and is home to scores of Mithran priests and hundreds of temple guards dressed in blue and gold. igh walls …

  • The Temple of the Shadowed Serpent


    Built on the foundations of an ancient temple from the serpentman city of Bhnaal Pruth, the Temple of Shadowed Serpents is one of the oldest …

  • The Priests of the Broken Gate

    [[File:716742 | class=media-item-align-center | Cults.png]]


    The Priests of the Broken Gate teach that a great god of justice and redemption—the “One Who Waits”—is …

  • The Nine Powers

    [[File:716742 | class=media-item-align-center | Cults.png]]


    Most civilized Thuleans recognize a distinct pantheon of greater powers with wide influence and temples in the more …

  • The Forest Gods


    The Forest Gods are myriad spirits of beast, wood, and weather that are worshiped by many of the savage and barbarian tribes. Those who worship the Forest Gods are not priests or …

  • The Great Old Ones

    [[File:716742 | class=media-item-align-center | Cults.png]]


    These dreadful prehuman entities are venerated only by the most degenerate cultists and tribes. ❖ Cthulhu …

  • Others


    Many other strange beings call the shadows of Quodeth home. These beings include the Halflings, as well as other hidden races that come to the city from the depths of the wilds of Thule. It …

  • Quodethi


    The people of the city of Quodeth are known throughout Thule as Quodethi. They are the largest and most numerous nation or tribe among the Kalay peoples. They are not tall, and have dark …

  • Elves of Imystrahl


    The elves of Thule are a fading people, sinking deeper and deeper into dreaming lassitude with each passing year. Before the rise of Atlantis they were one of the dominant …

  • Dwarves of Kal-Zinan


    Dwarven culture places great importance on mastering trades. Dwarves have almost no hereditary titles; instead, most dwarven communities are led by a council of the oldest and …

  • Lomari


    The Lomari came to the primeval continent only a few short generations ago, migrating from lands over the ocean. They are comparatively few in number and are dominant in only one city, Lomar. …

  • Dhari


    The Dhari are the prevalent people of central and western Thule. They inhabit the jungles, forests, and hills of the continent’s interior basin, especially the regions of Dhar Mesh (from which …

  • Nimothans


    Fierce warriors of the northern lands, Nimothans are a people without a homeland. The island of Nimoth now lies under the encroaching glaciers, and for decades the old kingdom of the …

  • Atlanteans


    While the vast majority of Atlanteans died with their empire, some survived the destruction. The Atlanteans were a race of far-traveling mariners, and thousands of sailors and merchants …

  • Kalays


    Most numerous of Thule’s peoples, the Kalays were the last of the major tribal groups to migrate to Thule in the time of the continent’s population by humans. They are the dominant race of …

  • Distant Lands


    The island-continent of Thule is mostly wilderness, and cities are few and far between. While there are a great number of small settlements, barbarian villages, and trading posts …

  • Asura


    p=. _Goddess of Dawn, Messenger of the Gods, Flame of Atlantis_ *Symbol:* A crown or tiara with rays of sunlight *Alignment:* Neutral good *Portfolio:* Dawn, fire, beginnings, inspiration …

  • Herum


    p=. _Lord of Beasts, the Ape-God_ *Symbol:* Broken bones *Alignment:* Chaotic evil *Portfolio:* Beasts, savagery, rage, destruction *Domains:* Fury[1], Nature, War *Favored Weapon:* …

  • Ishtar


    p=. _Goddess of Love, Luck, and War_ *Alignment:* Chaotic neutral *Portfolio:* Love, beauty, art, fortune, passion *Domains:* Knowledge, Trickery *Favored Weapon:* Scimitar [[File: …

  • Kishar


    p=. _Goddess of Grain, Mother of Rivers, Queen of the Gods_ *Symbol:* A sheaf of grain *Alignment:* Lawful neutral *Portfolio:* Agriculture, the earth, rivers, motherhood *Domain:* Life …

  • Mithra


    p=. _God of the Sun, Lord of the Sky, King of the Gods_ *Symbol:* A sunburst and eagle *Alignment:* Lawful good *Portfolio:* Sun, justice, sky, rulership and dominion *Domain:* Life, …

  • Nergal


    p=. _God of the Underworld, Lord of War, King of the Dead_ *Symbol:* A black lion with a mane of flame *Alignment:* Neutral evil *Portfolio:* War, death, avarice, the underworld *Domain …

  • Set


    p=. _God of Night, the Great Serpent_ *Symbol:* Twin serpents *Alignment:* Lawful evil *Portfolio:* Night, secrets, treachery, poison, snakes *Domain:* Knowledge, Ophidian[1], Trickery * …

  • Tarhun


    p=. _God of Storms, Lord of Battle_ *Symbol:* A three-forked lightning bolt *Alignment:* Chaotic good *Portfolio:* Storms, sky, battle *Domain:* Cold[1], Tempest, War *Favored Weapon:* …

  • Tiamat


    p=. _Mother of Dragons, Goddess of the Sea, Queen of Chaos_ *Symbol:* A dragon skull with five horns *Alignment:* Chaotic evil *Portfolio:* Chaos, destruction, monsters, vengeance, the …

  • The Quosa Bourse


    This large, open trading-hall serves as the main exchange and meeting-place for Quodeth’s merchants and shippers. Here merchants can buy or sell shares in cargoes and interests in …

  • The Grand Bazaar


    Eight square blocks of winding alleyways crowded with shops and stalls, open market squares, counting- houses, artists’ workshops, wine shops, street vendors selling grilled meat …

  • House of Ror Baak


    The most notorious house of ill repute in the city, the House of Ror Baak stands in the southern portion of the Canal Quarter, right on the border with the Sark. Sailors from …

  • The Noble Houses


    p=. !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758532/Endless_Knot.png?1500184963!:https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/quodeth

  • The High Temple of Ishtar


    The largest and wealthiest temple in Quodeth, the High Temple of Ishtar is a splendid alabaster dome graced by slender minarets. [[Ishtar | Ishtar]] has always been …

  • The Astrologers' Guild


    Nothing like a wizard’s guild exists in Quodeth; there simply aren't all that many arcane spellcasters in the city. However, the Astrologers’ Guild comes close. The guildhall …

  • The Royal Council


    Most people understand that the Grand Vizier and the Royal Council are the real powers behind the Peacock Throne. The Council keeps *[[:deyane-verix-hazeda | Queen Deyane]]* far …

  • The Dwerth Emporium


    The Dwerth Emporium is a crowded, ramshackle old building on the north side of Old Quodeth, near the Bazaar Quarter. Here a bewildering variety of secondhand …

  • House of the Fallen Star


    If there is a more sordid establishment in Quodeth, it would be hard to name it. The Fallen Star is a sprawling, ramshackle fighting-pit where bloody arena fights are staged …

  • The Tower of the Moon


    Centuries ago, this place was a temple dedicated to Selene, the goddess of the moon. Over the years, the power and influence of the faith waned, and the worshipers of Selene …

  • Onther Tower


    The kings and queens of House Onther are not remembered well in Quodeth, but they did one thing right: They established the Onther Tower, a library where learned men and women can share …

  • The Silk Exchange


    Tir-Paland is the center of Quodeth’s silk trade. The district is home to the workshops of weavers, dyers, tailors, and merchants dealing with silk. The Silk Exchange is a large, …

  • The People of the White Elk


    This clan of [[Dhari | Dhari]] peoples reside on the shores of Lake Dwar near the Jungles of Arhelia. Their people were decimated in a war with savage beastmen, leaving …

  • The Burning Brand


    The Burning Brand is a small and comfortable inn on the outskirts of [[The Grand Bazaar | The Grand Bazaar]]. It is not well-known, and is settled within a small niche of inns …

  • The Missing Dais


    p=. !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758532/Endless_Knot.png?1500184963!:https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/wiki_pages/quodeth

  • Treasures


    Gold, jewels, fabulous works of art, and ancient treasures await discovery in the many ruins that cover Thule's landscape. Magic, however, is rare. Most ordinary people never see a magic …

  • Rime


    < …

  • Zemar Phaw

    p=. !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758532/Endless_Knot.png?1500184963!:https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/characters

  • Notho Reesh

    p=. !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758532/Endless_Knot.png?1500184963!:https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/characters

  • Slen Dwerth

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  • Jongor

    p=. !https://db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net/campaigns/159747/assets/758532/Endless_Knot.png?1500184963!:https://tales-from-the-fallen-gate.obsidianportal.com/characters