Many languages are spoken on the streets of Quodeth and among the varied cultures of Thule. The known languages are split into three groups: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Common languages are those that are frequently spoken by many different cultures; of the Common languages, most speak Low Atlantean as it is the trade tongue of Thule.

  • Low Atlantean: most humans, elves, and dwarves; Atlantean script
  • High Atlantean: Atlanteans, scholars, wizards; Atlantean script
  • Dhari: Humans (Dhari); Draconic script
  • Dwarven: Dwarves; Dwarven script
  • Elven: Elves, wizards; Elven script
  • Kalayan: Humans (Kalayan); Elven script
  • Lomari: Humans (Lomari); Elven scrript
  • Nimothan: Humans (Nimothans); Dwarven script
  • Urgan: Beastmen, gnolls, winged apes; no written language

Uncommon languages are not as frequently heard; those who know these tongues are members of dying races, or scholars and wizards.

  • Benthic: Aboleths, deep ones, cultists; Pnakos script
  • Draconic: Serpentmen, troglodytes, kobolds, sorcerers; Draconic script
  • Giant: Cyclopes, giants, minotaurs; Dwarven script
  • Rakshasan: Rakshasas; Infernal script

Rare languages are virtually unknown by most in Thule, and only a very few know the secrets of their speech.

  • Abyssal: Demons, ghouls; Abyssal script
  • Celestial: Angels, gods, priests; Celestial script
  • Infernal: Devils, warlocks; Infernal script
  • Mi-Go: Moonbeasts, mi-go, star things; Pnakos script

The ability to read and write is uncommon in Thule. Most people raised in civilized lands can at least puzzle out writings they encounter, and a good number of people born to savage or barbarian tribes eventually learn how to read and write if they spend a lot of time in and around civilization.


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