The Great Old Ones



These dreadful prehuman entities are venerated only by the most degenerate cultists and tribes.

The Great Old Ones
Deity AL Portfolio Domains
Cthulhu CE The Caller in the Deep Death, Fury, Tempest
Dhuoth CE The Giver of Eyes Nature
Hastur NE The King in Yellow Cosmic
Ithaqua CE The Wind-Walker Cold, Tempest
Lorthnu’un NE Lord of the Golden Chalice War
Nyarlathotep CE The Crawling Chaos Cosmic, Trickery
Shub-Niggurath CN Black Goat of the Woods Cosmic, Fury
Tsathoggua NE The Sleeping God Cold, Cosmic, Death, Knowledge
Yga-Ygo NE The Dweller in Dreams Trickery
Yog-Sothoth CE Opener of the Way Cosmic, Knowledge

  • The Cosmic Domains is found in Primeval Thule Campaign Setting.
  • The Cold and Fury Domains are found in Primeval Thule Player’s Companion.

The Great Old Ones

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