The Quosa Bourse


This large, open trading-hall serves as the main exchange and meeting-place for Quodeth’s merchants and shippers. Here merchants can buy or sell shares in cargoes and interests in various commodities, seek or offer loans, or record the purchase or sale of future interests in goods that are not yet available.

It should be noted that there are no laws or rules governing the activity of the Quosa Bourse. The only guarantees of fair dealing are the personal honorableness and reputations of the individual merchants, although deals recorded in writing are rarely broken.

The Quosa Bourse also serves as the de facto headquarters for the Bargemasters. The High Protector of the Guild of Pilots and Masters (and current master of the guild’s ruling council) is a corrupt, thuggish man named Brune Hayet. Master Brune owns and operates more than thirty barges, and has scores of legbreakers and enforcers at his command.

The Quosa Bourse

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