The Seven Knives


While each of Quodeth’s thieves’ guilds is powerful in its own territory or sphere of influence, the Seven Knives are the first among equals. They control most of Quodeth’s commercial districts, raking in vast amounts of gold from their relentless campaigns of extortion and organized crime. Worse yet, they are the preeminent assassins of Quodeth, and regard all other killings for pay as a direct attack on their prerogatives. The only check on their power is the possibility that several guilds might ally against them if the Seven Knives become too aggressive.

The Seven Knives are so named because their leadership consists of a council of seven master thieves and assassins—the Knives. The identity of each Knife is a closely guarded secret, but they include some very surprising individuals, such as a high-ranking priestess of Ishtar, a prominent nobleman, and a city magistrate.

The Second Knife is the only member of the group to show his face to the rank-and-file, and serves as the spokesman for the group. This is the immensely fat Hiroom Jarth, whose agile mind and personal elusiveness are in no way impeded by his great girth. Hiroom is known to retain the services of a mysterious sorceress known as the Auspex.

The Seven Knives

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