The Temple of the Shadowed Serpent


Built on the foundations of an ancient temple from the serpentman city of Bhnaal Pruth, the Temple of Shadowed Serpents is one of the oldest buildings in all of Quodeth. It stands in the middle of the Canal Quarter, a dark and mysterious pile of stone crowded close by the buildings of more recent years, almost as if the city has tried to cover up the ancient shrine over the centuries.

This is Quodeth’s temple of Set, and many strange and sinister rites are enacted in its hidden sanctuaries. A good number of Quodeth’s more ambitious and greedy individuals—for example, influential nobles, merchants, and thieves—regard Set as their special patron, and would not stand for any effort to remove the Temple of Shadowed Serpents from its place.

The high priest is a man named Yezin Rhond. He is reputed to be a powerful spellcaster.

The Temple of the Shadowed Serpent

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