Tales from the Fallen Gate

A Gift Fit for a Queen

Kishar's Day, 30 Adar, 2213 AR

Upon the adventurers’ return to civilization, they purchased horses and equipment during their stay at Castle Imiri. After learning of a sickness within a little girl, Amaria healed the child and learned that a group of men were in town seeking an Elf. The band decided to travel with haste and in smaller groups to Quodeth.

Upon arriving in Quodeth, Kimber and Amaria headed straight for the Sapphire Palace to meet with their patron, Queen Deyane. There, Amaria gave the Dark Eye to the Queen and secured her patronage for further adventures. The Queen asked to hear all about their adventures so far soon, and the two women’s friendship grew closer.

Now, the adventurers were also curious as to a name they had heard upon the lips of the mercenaries Zumar the Quick had brought into their jungle camp after exploring Yoon-Sin’s ancient quarters… “Notho”. From what they had already heard, the name was attached to a powerful member of the Dyer’s Guild. They had to learn more, in order to know their new-found enemy.


Maded Maded

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