Tales from the Fallen Gate

Into the Dungeons of Set

Nergal's Day, 8 Adar, 2213

Sorn, the brother of Amaria, has been captured by slavers and sold to the temple of Set as a sacrifice.

Joined by her newfound friends — the Nimothan raider Kimber the She-Wolf, the free blade Dar Longstrider, the strange elf Vall Nailo, and the sly deal-maker Zumar the Quick — Amaria plans a desperate and daring raid into the dungeons to save her brother.

Within the dungeon, Amaria charmed a guard to allow her group’s entrance. But they soon ran into a few more guards bent on slaying them. The group acted quickly and silently, subduing the guards and finding Sorn’s cell. From there, they sought to make their escape, only to be attacked by a giant viper upon their return to the deep well they had used to access the dungeon.

Once the great serpent was dispatched, the group returned to the Burning Brand for a much-deserved rest.


Within the dungeons of the temple of Set, a shrill cry arose.

“My dear Gnaar, what have they done to you! Nooooo!”

A figure clad in black silk knelt beside the corpse of the great serpent.

She looked up to the surface, shaking her fist.

“I’ll find you! I’ll find you, and I will flay the flesh from your bones while you still live, bit by bit until you weep for death!”


Maded Maded

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