Tales from the Fallen Gate

Rumors of an Ancient Song

Kishar's Day, 30 Adar, 2213 AR

He slipped away from his companion easily, leaving a note that he could only sigh and hope that someone among his companions would be able to decipher. Perhaps the golden-haired woman.

The men were after him, and he knew why. They were surely servants of his old mistress, Imaelaree. The archmage had been tracking his progress though sorcery since he and his strapping Dhari friend had escaped Imystrahl. She knew where they were, what they had been doing. And now, she sent her men to bring Vall to heel.

Her servants seeking him out in human lands could only mean one thing. The archmage Imaelaree had business for Vall. And he would not be able to escape it for long.

“Better to meet this head on,” Vall sighed softly as he walked down the streets of Quodeth, seeking his seekers.


Maded Maded

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