Many languages are spoken on the streets of Quodeth and among the varied cultures of Thule. The known languages are split into three groups: Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

  • Common languages are those that are frequently spoken by many different cultures; of the Common languages, most speak Low Atlantean as it is the trade tongue of Thule.
  • Uncommon languages are not as frequently heard; those who know these tongues are members of dying races, or scholars and wizards.
  • Rare languages are virtually unknown by most in Thule, and only a very few know the secrets of their speech.
Common Languages
Language Spoken By Script
Atlantean, Low Most humans, elves, and dwarves Atlantean
Atlantean, High Atlanteans, scholars, wizards Atlantean
Dhari Humans (Dhari) Draconic
Dwarven Dwarves Dwarven
Elven Elves, wizards Elven
Kalayan Humans (Kalayan) Elven
Lomari Humans (Lomari) Elven
Nimothan Humans (Nimothans) Dwarven
Urgan Beastmen, gnolls, winged apes

Uncomon Languages
Language Spoken By Script
Benthic Aboleths, deep ones, cultists Pnakos
Draconic Serpentmen, troglodytes, kobolds, sorcerers Draconic
Giant Cyclopes, giants, minotaurs Dwarven
Rakshasan Rakshasas Infernal

Rare Languages
Language Spoken By Script
Abyssal Demons, ghouls Abyssal
Celestial Angels, gods, priests Celestial
Infernal Devils, warlocks Infernal
Mi-Go Moonbeasts, mi-go, star things Pnakos

The ability to read and write is uncommon in Thule. Most people raised in civilized lands can at least puzzle out writings they encounter, and a good number of people born to savage or barbarian tribes eventually learn how to read and write if they spend a lot of time in and around civilization.


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