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Quodethi copper, silver, and gold pieces; Quodethi double peacocks (5 gp each)

Kalayan, Low Atlantean, Dhari, Lomari, Nimothan (see Languages for more on languages & literacy in Thule).

Quodeth is known by many names: City of Merchants, City of a Hundred Bridges, City of Beggars, City of a Thousand Sails, the Peacock City, City of Golden Morning, or simply the Gateway to Thule. All of these names are deserved in their own way, even if some require a little poetic license and others are given in irony.

No other city bustles with such commerce and industry; gold is its very life-blood. But wherever gold flows freely, so too do crime and corruption. This truth is the origin of the most famous sobriquet for Quodeth: The City of Thieves.

And within the Fallen Gate, foreigners, freebooters, seafarers, and travelers of all description seem to collect, armed with the latest news and rumors from all points of the compass.

Main Page

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