Every major city—and a few noble houses, temples, or especially prosperous merchant enterprises— mints coinage in copper, silver, gold, and occasionally bronze, electrum, or platinum as well. Some of the more notable coinage that circulates in Thule includes:

Atlantean sunburst. Made from orichalcum, the red gold of Atlantis, a sunburst features a many-rayed sun emblem. It is valued at 20 gold pieces in most large cities.

Quodethi double peacock. A gold coin of twice the normal weight, the double peacock is stamped with the royal emblem of the city. It is worth 5 gold pieces in Quodeth, or 2 in another city.

Margish kraken. These large silver coins are emblazoned with the image of a many-tentacle kraken. In Marg, their value is fixed at one healthy field slave, fifteen to twenty-five years in age, and they can be redeemed for such at any civic auction. For a slaver, the kraken’s value is about 10 common gold pieces.

Nesskian fang. These small, triangular gold coins occasionally turn up in forgotten serpentman hoards and date back to the serpentman empire of Nessk. They are accepted in some cities, but in Quodeth they are known as “snake’s gold” and regarded as bad luck.


Arms and armor are crafted from bronze, and iron is unknown. Steel has been mastered by the Dwarven people, who hold such secrets close and do not give away their wares cheaply.


Stone and bone armor, weaponry, and implements are common among the savages beyond the cities.

  • The only types of armor available in savage societies are padded, leather, or hide armor, as well as wooden shields.
  • Swords and similar bladed weapons other than a dagger are not available. Weapons made entirely of wood, such as the club or staff, function normally. All other weapons must be made from inferior materials (for example, stone axes, wooden spears, or arrows with bone points).
  • If you attack a target wearing medium or heavy armor with a weapon made from inferior materials, you take a –2 penalty on your attack roll.


Weapons, medium armor, and heavy armor made from steel are considered to be magic items with a +1 bonus.


  • Weapons: Hand crossbow, rapier.
  • Armor: Half-plate, plate, splint.
  • Mounts and Vehicles: Camel, draft horse, sailing ship, warhorse
  • Other: Ball bearings, magnifying glass, piton, spyglass.


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